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Selling Experience

SellStuffEasy is so certain that it can maximize the value of your items that we do not charge any upfront fees. Our service includes personalised advice and evaluation, in-home pickup, research, photography, management of the auction, shipping, payment processing and remitance of funds to you.

After each of your items sell, we charge a commission of 30% of the final value on the first 1,000 and 20% thereafter. There is a minimum fee of 10 per item or the final sales price whichever is lower.

If you are absolutely unwilling to part with your possession for less than a certain price, we also offer a Price Protection service for items with a resale value greater than 100. Under Price Protection you can set your own reserve price. After each unsuccessful auction we will call you and offer you the option of re-listing your item or returning it to you. We charge a listing fee of 15 plus 2% of the reserve amount, regardless of if your item sells or is returned to you.

Special quotes are available on items that sell for more than £10,000.

**Promotional Offer: For vehicles, boats and motorcycles we charge only 50 to create a listing and 100 if your vehicle sells regardless of the value. There are no additional fees to set a reserve price on your vehicle.

If your item does not sell during the first auction we simply re-auction your item for a second time. If you have decided to use the price protection service we consult you with details including similar items sold, amount of bidders and maximum bid amount. Together we can then agree an alternative reserve price if necessary.