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SellStuffEasy Expands Business Services Unit to Offer Companies and individuals the easiest way to sell on eBay

SellStuffEasy, a eBay drop Off service based in London, is expanding it’s Business Services unit to help businesses sell their items on eBay. eBay sells more than £20 billion in merchandise a year, and SellStuffEasy is offering the power of this sales platform to customers seeking the best return on the sale of their items.

“By using SellStuffEasy, we can generate a much higher revenue than using traditional liquidation services” says Darren Henderson, co-founder of SellStuffEasy, the UK’s preffered eBay drop off service. “Unlike other asset-disposal programs, SellStuffEasy works on a consignment basis with the goal of maximizing returns on their assets as well as providing a drop off location for individuals.

SellStuffEasy handles all aspect of selling items on eBay. This includes taking digital photographs, writing a description, listing the item on eBay, answering customer queries, then shipping the item to the winning bidder. During the auction period all items are stored in SellStuffEasy secure warehouse. When the item is sold a cheque will be mailed to the seller.

“SellStuffEasy and eBay combined are a tremendous resource for business” notes Darren. It is not hard to see the benefits of using SellStuffEasy. “We have had various enquiries from companies either wanting to sell there items to the world or companies who have excess or slow moving stock that they want to sell”.

SellStuffEasy plans to open stores all over the UK and expand on it’s fundraising services.

About SellStuffEasy

SellStuffEasy opened in London, England in March 2004. It’s the UK’s preferred eBay drop off service with more branches planned to open across the country. Buying items on eBay is easy, but selling them can be a headache. SellstuffEasy provide an easy way to sell items for any person, business or organization on eBay.

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