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SellStuffEasy launch eBay by Mail service in the UK. Selling on eBay is now as easy as visiting you local Post Office

London--June 12, 2004—SellStuffEasy, an eBay drop off service announced today that it will make its services available to the entire UK by launching it’s SellStuffEasy by Mail program. This service would allow people from all over the UK to easily sell their items on eBay.

“We are now able to help people sell there items now matter where they are in the country”, says Darren Henderson, a SellStuffEasy Founder. “We received enquiries from as far as Scotland”

With the SellStuffEasy by Mail service, customers can print the item receipt form from the SellStuffEasy website, then simply send their item with the completed form. Upon receipt of the items SellStuffEasy will take digital photographs, write a description, list the item on eBay, answer customer queries, then ship the item to the winning bidder. When the item is sold a cheque will be mailed to the seller.

Customers do not pay SellStuffEasy to list their items. Sellers are paid the winning bid amount, less SellStuffEasy’s commission, eBay fees and payment processing fees. The seller will typically receive a cheque between 86% and 70% of the final selling price. SellStuffEasy will accept items that are valued more than £20.

About SellStuffEasy

SellStuffEasy opened in London, England in March 2004. It’s the UK’s preferred eBay drop off service with more branches planned to open across the country. Buying items on eBay is easy, but selling them can be a headache. SellstuffEasy provide an easy way to sell items for any person, business or organization.

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