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eBay drop-off shop makes selling items easy

London--June 2, 2004 -- Tom Whelan a hairdresser from Essex Road, Islington N1, made just over £1,000 in less than a month by selling items on eBay, and he did it without turning on his computer.

Tom, instead arranged for his items to be picked up by SellStuffEasy. SellStuffEasy took digital photographs, created the eBay listing, answered questions from potential bidders, collected payment, then shipped the items to the winning bidders. All Tom had to do was wait for his cheque to arrive.

Buying items on eBay is easy, but selling them could cause headaches (feedback ratings, pricing strategies, payment accounts, auction management). This is where SellStuffEasy provides their service. SellStuffEasy (www.sellstuffeasy.com) is not part of eBay.

SellStuffEasy are registered eBay trading assistants that provide their services to all people, organizations and businesses. The idea for the store came from reading an article in the Sunday Times about a similar service in the US.

Customers do not pay SellStuffEasy to list their items. Sellers are paid the winning bid amount, less SellStuffEasy’s commission, eBay fees and payment processing fees. The seller will typically receive a cheque between 86% and 70% of the final selling price. SellStuffEasy will accept items that are valued more than £20.

About SellStuffEasy

SellStuffEasy opened in London, England in March 2004. It’s the UK’s preferred eBay drop off service with more branches planned to open across the country. Buying items on eBay is easy, but selling them can be a headache. SellstuffEasy provide an easy way to sell items for any person, business or organization on eBay.


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