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SellStuffEasy - The Uk’s first eBay consignment service opened in Hackney, London early March 2004

The service is set up in a converted factory building off Shacklewell Lane and Downs Park Road. Previous customers have commented “The auction process is entertaining along with the thrill and speed at which people bid for their items makes this an exciting venture. To buy items on eBay maybe easy enough but to sell is a hassle for us”.

SellStuffEasy offers a full service to their customers and buyers online. We do everything for our customer from picking items up at their homes, professional photographs, creative listings using html coding, research on products, payment processing, packing & shipping and all customer enquires regarding your items on auction.

SellStuffEasy takes a commission on each sale from 10% to 25%. (Businesses who use us will be given special discounted rates for bulk items). Items that sell for high prices are charged less commission. “It takes roughly the same time to list a £4000 item as it does to list a £50 item” says Darren. “We want our customers to know that this is an amazing opportunity to sell their unwanted items with a fast, convenient and safe service”.

One of the most important features of SellStuffEasy is that their customers are protected from the internet public. If they where to use the internet to buy or sell items they have to enter their bank details and address. SellStuffEasy protects their customers against fraud, and I.D theft, using only SellStuffEasy’s information on eBay. Buyers are not going to know who the seller is, so customers are protected.

There are over 95 million users currently registered worldwide on eBay. There are 10 million auctions and one million listings each day.

eBay’s numbers will almost certainly increase with more consignment stores across the UK. Many people with the knowledge and experience may know how to sell on eBay, but do they have the time? If you know how to do DIY in the home but you don’t come round to doing it, then you may get an expert in to fix the problems for you, this saves you time, energy, commitment, the same goes for eBay.

SellStuffEasy accepts items that are considered to be worth a minimum of £20. SellStuffEasy only accepts items that conform to eBay’s prohibited lists. You can view this list if you visit the website at www.sellstuffeasy.com. They only operate in the London area currently but is soon opening more drop-off locations in the north of England.

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